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Run Sarge!


Animation Challenge!

Hello friends!

I have an idea for a group project I’d like to share with you.

I designed this boy. He’s pretty normal on his own but he has a vivid imagination.







That’s where you come in.

Right now he just stands there thinking, blinking, for six seconds.

My challenge is for each of you to fill that six seconds with whatever you want.

*The ONLY rule is that the first and last frame of your scene is nothing but the boy as he started.* So all action should be done and off screen by then, or he should come back to his neutral pose.

You don’t have to do six full seconds, that is just the limit.
You can animate him, or something happening to him.
You can leave him be and do something in the background.
Add your own characters.
You can pan the camera to something else. As long as it pans back at the end.
You don’t have to copy or use the wavering line style, that is just for if you want to keep him static in your scene.
Feel free to do whatever you want.
Make it silly, weird, gross, funny, …up to you!

I just want you to have fun with it, the boy is only there as a cohesive element.

No deadline, just try to get something asap.

I will be doing a scene too.

After I receive your scenes I will string them into one movie.
Oh I guess* 24 fps* is a rule too, so no more than *144 Frames*.
Here is a folder with the Flash file template. CS5 or CS4, I can make CS3 if needed.

If you want to use other software take the .png file as your template for size. The scene is *1920×1080* for that full HD action.

Template Files:

When complete, you can send me flash files, or frame sequences please. Let me know and I’ll make you a folder for upload.

When we get a bunch I’ll make a place to post and discuss, then we can put it on YouTube for all the hits! If it’s fun someone else can design the next main character an so on.

That’s it!
Let me know if you plan on doing a scene! (Or if this is a stupid idea.)

Please share with anyone that may be interested!


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